Herb Garden Backyard Coop

Coop is designed to provide two to four Chicken Littles with ample walking space, a dedicated nesting area, and protection from the weather.  On top of the coop is an area for a small herb garden complete with drainage and a rubber lining to protect the coop.

Made from high quality, treated wood the Herb Garden Backyard Coop is stained and sealed with a color of your choice.  This sturdy coop is the perfect home for your chickens!


– Herb garden on top complete with drains


– Easy access to the laying nests

herb_Garden_Coop_10 herb_Garden_Coop_09

– Easy to clean from the front access

herb_Garden_Coop_13 herb_Garden_Coop_14
– quality construction (treated wood, weather-proof hardware, drain on the top, wire mesh fencing)

– Enough room for 2-4 chickens

– Mounting area for a “webcam” to watch the hens.  We will assist you in setting up a live chicken feed so you can watch your hens from your phone, laptop, or tablet.

Price is $750.00.  Delivery and set-up can be arranged.  Dont be fooled by less expensive coops, they are not the same quality. (read the reviews!)


  • Dimensions:8ft Long x 3 ft high x 3ft wide
  • Number of chickens:3-4
  • Color:0